Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Oh my God; Katelyn, look at her doll!"

Well hello there, everyone!

I said today's title in the hotel at the Orlando World Center Marriott while waiting for Hannah to show up. Katelyn, Jacob, his brother Nicholas and I were all waiting in the lobby, just standing by the entrance. I was looking at every person who passed through the entrance, hoping it would be Hannah. I saw this girl walk in with an American Girl Doll, and because I went through that phase as a kid, and ever since then, I've taken notice of every person carrying an American Girl Doll that I pass--anywhere.

But this doll was different. This little girl's doll had something on her arm. When I went to investigate--very sneakily, I assure you ;)--I noticed that the doll had a DexCom sensor!

I freaked. I grabbed Katelyn's arm, and said "Oh my God; Katelyn, look at her doll!" "Who?" "That little girl over there! Her American Girl Doll has a sensor!" "Ooo! Where!?" "In line to check into the hotel!"

It was the coolest thing I'd seen all week. If I had a sensor and an insulin pump when I was still into American Girl Dolls, I would've gone crazy for a pump and sensor for my two dolls. It was so cool!

So I went up to this little girl with the doll, and her mother, and her sister, and of course, Kelly Kunik ran up behind me and said to the girls' mother "Are you Bean's mom?" "I am, are you Kelly?" "I am!" And there was a lot of hugging and talking that was very confusing.

I learned that this little girl's mom was a blogger, who blogged about her daughter's diabetes. Her daughter Bean had type one, and then she also had another daughter who is called Bug. This is a picture of me and Bean in the exhibit hall on Saturday during the conference:
Me and the Bean! I love this kid :)

I got down on my knees, and started talking to this girl, and learned that the doll not only had a DexCom, but an OmniPod as well! I talked with the family, and hugs went around. I ran into her several times during the week, and loved seeing her when I did. The great thing about CWD is that people don't just say hi, they hug it out. Every time I saw Bean or Bug, I got a giant hug and a high five, and we talked about how much fun they were having as first timers. I got to meet an amazing D-Mom, and I found a great new blog ( ). Plus, I get to keep up with the goings-on of a really great family :)

I really hope Bean's family continues to be a part of the CWD family and comes back for FFL 2013. I'm looking forward to all the hugs already!

Much love, 

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  1. :) It was great getting to meet you & see you around FFL! It was a great intro to how awesome everyone is to have the 'doll dexcom encounter' before we had even checked in! So looking forward to next year!