Thursday, July 26, 2012

And the Success of the Day is...

...I wore real pants! Let me clarify a little bit. I have been wearing real pants since my back surgery happened a week ago (this time last week, I was laying in a hospital bed, getting a morphine drip, and watching Despicable Me with my Dad). I swear to you, I've been wearing pants. They've just been yoga pants and scrubs. Which, by the way, are going to be the pants I wear FOREVER. I have two pairs of navy blue scrubs, and I want to buy like, six more pairs online in different colors. If you're looking for really great, comfortable, and lightweight pants, GET YOURSELF SOME SCRUBS. I really love them, and seem like I'm plugging scrubs now. Onto the second topic of this evening!

Cookies! I love cookies. They're probably the best things ever, besides cupcakes. But ever since I've had celiac and been gluten free, I've been eating cookies from the WOW Baking Company. They're probably the most delicious cookies ever, but they're super expensive when I buy them at Fred Meyer's and Metropolitan Market. I went to this store, called GF Joe's out in Tacoma, and I was eyeing the cookie section the second I walked in there, but because I was with other people out in public, I didn't run screaming "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIES" the moment I walked in the store. Instead, I sauntered up and down the aisles, looking at all the different flours, pastas, and gluten free deliciousness that was in the store.

The food there was amazing. I bought (well, Dad bought it, but I picked it out!) raviolis, and four or five different types of pasta, macaroni and cheese, and those nutella pouches that I was talking about.

And a cookie. Specifically, this cookie:

This cookie was amazing. It was sugary, and awesome, and I almost fell off my seat. AND IT WAS A DOLLAR CHEAPER HERE THAN ANYWHERE ELSE EVER. (At this point, I'd like to apologize for this entire blog post being me basically plugging stuff. IT'S ALL SO FANTASTIC AND EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IT) This cookie was amazing. All their cookies are amazing, really. I've never had the Oregon Oatmeal, but I'm sure for those of you who like oatmeal cookies, it's fabulous and you'll have to tell me if you like it. 

I have to say, the suckiest thing about being a diabetic with celiac is the FOOD. Before I went to Florida, I went TWO ENTIRE YEARS without gluten free raviolis. And when I didn't have celiac, I didn't have them very often. But they're delicious. So unbelievably delicious. And all the gluten free bread, pasta, and pretty much anything that's gluten free has more carbohydrates and is more expensive than all the regular stuff. It's really annoying. 

But, this cookie. Erhmahgerd this cookie. It was fabulous. 

Much love, 

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  1. it's all about finding what works, is yummy, and CHEAP!! :) always love a good deal on things that are favs!