Sunday, July 15, 2012

It All Started In Disney World

Hello hopeless romantics and blog followers alike!

I'm going to take a little break from talking about me, and my back, and surgery, and all that crap and talk about two people who are very near and dear to my heart.

Katelyn and Jacob.

Katelyn and I met in 2006 at CWD, and then completely forgot about each other. We then met for the "first" time in 2007 at this super awesome advocacy event called Children's Congress. It's a JDRF sponsored event, and we became friends there. Then, three or so weeks later, we saw each other at CWD again in line at a Dex-4 glucose tab tasting event. We've been best friends ever since.

Jacob lives about six houses down from me. We met when we were young, and saw each other in passing for years. Then, Jacob was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago, and our mothers became friends, and we became friends. When I found out Jacob was going to CWD that year, the gears in my head started turning.

Katelyn had a string of really terrible boys in her life. And Jacob was just too sweet, and hadn't ever had a girlfriend before. I figured "Hey, Katelyn and Jacob would flirt with each other for a few days, and then be on their merry ways."

Boy was I wrong.

This is the two of them in July 2011, when they met. They're pretty much the cutest couple ever. 

These two are also from the year they met, and the first picture makes me look like a professional photographer. The second one makes them look like an old married couple. 

They parted ways that July, but thank goodness for CWD Seattle, because they got to see each other again. 

This is them on the Seattle Aquarium pier, being adorable. We went to the Seattle Aquarium, and it was kind of like their first date. With me being the third wheel. Which lately has been my specialty with these two!

We went to the Pike Place Market as the teen group, and they continued to be cute all over the place. 

There was a professional photographer there taking pictures for something, I don't really remember what, but I took this one because I thought it looked good. And they're cute :)

So they talked, and had their relationship, and fell in love, and here we are, a year later. And they're still cute as ever. 

I don't know exactly what they think, but I think that the best part of their relationship is that they're both diabetic. They both know what a low blood sugar feels like, and what a high blood sugar feels like, and how frustrating diabetes can be, and all the ins and outs and the complicated little details that you just can't grasp unless you're living with the disease 24/7. They've got matching pumps (hers is purple, his is blue), and one always has sugar if the other needs it. Their relationship is long distance, but they're stronger for it (and if Katelyn feels lazy and doesn't want to shave her legs, then she can. Which totally makes me jealous!). And they're one of the cutest couples ever. 

This is the two of them on the beach in Florida, being adorable, as usual. And of course, they look stunning all dressed up:

They are two of my favorite people in the entire world, and I'm really lucky to know them. And I think they're pretty lucky to have found each other. I hope one day I can be as happy as they are. And this love story got its beginning in the happiest place on Earth--Disney World! :)

All my love to you, and to them!


  1. Jacob is really the first boy in her life, the others are all just friends. And, there's much more to their relationship than just diabetes, because that by itself would never work. Because they are far apart they are learning the value of true friendship. To be a good soul-mate, you need to have the foundation of a good friendship. Jacob's mom and I have also become good friends, so there's much more to the story! I'm glad she has you for a friend, too, Alexa. :)

    1. I know there's a whole lot more to the story; I just love how they're both diabetic :) I love that they have that aspect to add to their relationship along with all the other important stuff there. And I'm glad I got a second Mommy out of this too :D

  2. I must say that my extra daughter isn't half bad either. :)