Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Forgive Me, I've Been Drugged Off My Kiester

I'm sorry I abandoned you all! I had back surgery on Thursday, so I do have an excuse. And until Monday I was totally filled to the brim with oxycodone. Which is probably the most evil of all narcotic drugs ever. It's a downer, so it slows all the body processes down. It also gave me the hiccups.

I'm recovering from surgery nicely and efficiently, and starting to get back on a semi normal schedule. Meaning I'm not taking pain pills, so I'm sleeping normally again. I'm also walking a ton in order to heal. It's really not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it's getting better. I'm kind of enjoying milking the injury though :)

There is news, that I absolutely love to share with the world. My awesome cousin Stephanie and her husband Clayton have produced an heir ;) 

(I love that the flower is bigger than her head)

She's pretty much the cutest thing to ever grace the Earth. I'm thrilled for the two of them, and can't wait until I get to hold her and kiss her and love on her and save her future boyfriends after her Daddy, Grampa, and Great Uncle Don (aka my Daddy) beat the tar out of them like the awesome big cousin that I am.

Also, big news! After a really crappy A1c of 9.5 in April, my A1c after this appointment is 7.8! We're all going to rejoice, and dance, and kiss people. It's allowed. My A1c is awesome, kissing is appropriate in this situation. 

So, two moments of great news in my life, and I'm recovering, so that's an even bigger plus! Also, I found nutella-like stuff in squeeze pouches. I think I'm set for life. 

Hope everyone had an awesome week while I was away, fixing myself.  <3

Much love, 


  1. So glad you are on the mend!

    What a cutie will be awesome in years to come to be able to remember how small she was in comparison to the flower...we do that all the time with pics of Bean as a baby!

    WAY TO GO with the A1c! Hoping Bean's is down...though I have no delusions of it coming down THAT much!

    1. When my endo came in and said "Your A1c is 7.8%." She DANCED. Like legitimately started dancing around a little. Dad didn't believe her, and neither did I. It was a great moment :) (We should see some pictures of baby Bean and Bug. They're cute now, I can't imagine how cute they were as babies!)