Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tests and Busy Lives

Hey everyone :)

Alexa here, and let me tell you how sorry Hannah and I are for not posting sooner. She's had a busy busy life, and I've had to study my behind off for the second set of finals this year, Geometry and English 1.

Well, high stress can equal blood sugar spikes and dives. I've had lows, highs and pretty much anything in between. It's kinda unpredictable lately, and I've also had a sinus infection, and laryngitis. That doesn't help in the mix. For anyone who knows me, I love to talk. And I talk, a lot. So having laryngitis makes things pretty frustrating, and makes life just hard to get through. And being sick like I am now takes a lot of energy out of you, something that isn't a good thing during finals week.

When you add stress into the mix, a number of things can happen. My blood sugars go up, and go down. Sometimes they just go up, or just go down. But usually it's a mix of both. And of course, that stresses me out even more, and makes my sugars go up and down even more. Vicious cycle, I know. But what are you going to do about it?

I've missed blogging about these things, and it's only been four or five days. Not too long, but enough to still think about it constantly. It's a nice place to vent :)


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