Friday, March 4, 2011

"You can't eat that..."

Hey everyone(: Hannah here.
I thought I'd let you all know, my best friend (besides Alexa) is Chocolate. Not the "sugar free" stuff, straight up chocolate. And I really hate it just as I have that big bite of chocolate cakes inches away from my mouth, someone ALWAYS pops in with the "aren't you diabetic Hannah?" to which I reply: "Yes, yes I am diabetic, your next point?" then, they'll follow with the typical response of, "Well you do know that's chocolate right?" and by that point, my aggravated response is: "Oh really? Wow. Thanks so much. I never would have guessed." then I eat the cake. Then obviously, I correct their ignorance to type one diabetes, and explain that as long as I give insulin, I can eat whatever I want thanks to my wonderful pump. So, to the next person that reminds me that chocolate is chocolate...I know, I love it.

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