Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Backpacking, Coffee, and Low Blood Sugar

Oh my goodness today. Today was insane. Absolutely insane. Fun, but 101% insane.

Today, half of our class went backpacking. We wore a framed backpack (the ones that have the clippy thingies that fasten over your chest and waist) and they were filled with our giant textbooks. Of course, because I'm a good divabetic, and I do what I'm supposed to do, I packed a full set of three sets, three reservoirs, extra kit, insulin in it's cold pack, and a bunch of juice and Soyjoy bars (because they're gluten free). But, there's always something that goes wrong when you're Alexa. My blood sugar stayed between 68 and 78 the entire SEVEN MILES of hiking. In the rain. We went seven miles in four hours. That's a mile and three quarters every hour. I know that's not impressive, but if you can do that when your blood sugar is running low, then you deserve a medal or something.

Then, I went for coffee with a great friend of mine, Aquene (Ah-cane-a). We hung out at Tully's, drank good coffee, saw cute boys, and went shopping at the little drugstore across the street. My blood sugars didn't get to a comfortable 121 until a while after coffee, and that's just what I wanted to say. You can do lots of activity one day, and do the same amount the next (yesterday, we went hiking as well, but on a different trail) and nothing is the same. Yesterday, I was in the upper 80's to lower 100's. But not today. It really depends on if your body is in the mood to cooperate, or in the mood to screw you over. But hey, it's all good. Gotta smile about it, right?

And Hannah, I'm glad we have diabetes. I wouldn't have met the most amazing girl in the world if it wasn't for diabetes. We've got something so great going here, and CWD is the reason we all keep going all year long, and keep managing. Some nerve damage and a couple of burnout days are worth the lifetime of experiences that I get from being diabetic.

Much Love,

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