Monday, March 7, 2011

RE: It's Not That Bad

Hannah, your writing speaks to the masses. Another thing that we both agree on, not that we disagree on much. I think that this is something that can happen in a lot of different ways. There's the way Hannah gets diabetes "advice" where people try to say that you're brave in their own special way. By saying "Oh, if I had to do something like that for as long as you have, I'd die" or something along those lines. When in actuality, if we didn't do these things, we would die. Then, there's the other kind of advice that I get. The "My grandmother had (insert horrifying complication here) because she had type one diabetes." Like I really needed to know your grandmother had gangrene and lost six of her nine existing toes (because she lost another one due to complications ten years before).

Hannah is really right. Diabetes is an obstacle course. You get around one, but that sets up another right in your path. I'm thinking actually of the Fireswamp from The Princess Bride. When you get one problem under control, something else comes up. And just letting yourself get eaten by the Rodents of Unusual Size (or you know, getting hospitalized four or five times a year for DKA could fit here too) instead of fighting back is pointless.

There are so many great things that come from diabetes. I mean, without diabetes, I wouldn't know some great people like Hannah, and my loyal friend Colleen McInnis from diabetes camp (Hey Colleen, guess what? I love you :D). I wouldn't have had so many opportunities that I've had in my life. I feel like I'm a stronger person because of it. It's really worth all the fingersticks, infusion set changes, bruises, and damaged nerves. Because in the long run, great friends, and great things have come out of it. I'm stronger because of it, and that's not something I'd change for the world.

So guess what? It's not that bad.

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