Monday, March 7, 2011

It's not that bad

Heyyy everyone(: Hannah here. So, today, I think I wanted to talk about how I love my life, despite the stuff I deal with, A.K.A diabetes.

Everytime I talk to one of my non-diabetic friends about diabetes, I always here "that must be horrible" "I think I would die" or something along those lines. Yes world, diabetes is hard, but I'm not dead. And I don't complain about it on a 24 hour basis making my life seem horrible. I actually have a pretty amazing life. I have great friends, great parents, and I'm breathing! What else do you need?

Diabetes is like, a never ending obstacle course. And You just have to find your way around those obstacles. Obviously, a giant rock wall won't move itself, and eventually, you'll get bored sitting and staring at it. So, your options are, climb it, or climb it.

I choose to climb it. With a smile on my face, and my meter in hand. And, yes, it's annoying, but I don't think I could manage not being diabetic if it disappered. Make sense??

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