Monday, April 25, 2011

A Flaw in the System

Good evening, people of the blogosphere!

Hey :) So, I've been thinking, what's one of the most annoying things about my insulin pump? It's not the site changes, it's not hiding my tubing (or, as we call it in my family, my wire) either.

It's hiding it.

I wear a skirt, every weekday. It's part of my uniform. And underneath, I wear a pair of shorts with pockets. I put my insulin pump in my pocket, but there's this awkward bulge on my hip where the skirt hits the pump, and it's just a mess.

So, my cousin is getting married, and she lovingly asked her favorite baby cousin to be a bridesmaid (Thanks Steph <3) Now, I tried on the dress. And when you wear a bridesmaid dress, you really can't wear jean shorts underneath, can you? No, didn't think so. So (and boys, prepare for things to get intense) I had to try to find different places to put it. And I tried everything short of duct taping the pump to my stomach. But, the idea I came up with was putting my beloved insulin pump in my cleavage. I seem to remember a conversation at the diabetes conference with Katelyn and Delaney. "Well, if you can hide it there, then by all means, do it!"

So it's totally hidden. But I've got to say, that's definitely not my favorite task of pump maintenance. What's your least favorite? Comment below!

Much love,


  1. Most painful is getting your tubing caught on a door handle as you walk through the door, and your set tearing out as the door closes!
    Most annoying is when your pump holder decides to break and your pump randomly falls to the ground as you randomly walk down the hall.
    But if you're wearing a long dress, a convenient place to put your pump is on your thigh or your calf, depending on how long your tubing is. You can either buy the special strap off of minimed, or easily make your own, ie duct tape, or just some material. Good luck girlie : )
    xoxo, Stef

  2. I have the same problem with Karen's upcoming wedding. (Upcoming meaning we have no idea when Nick will start behaving at Army school LOL). I have a velcro strap thingie that goes on my leg and then I can clip the pump on :)