Friday, April 15, 2011

Just a thought...

Okay, so after I posted yesterday, I had this funny experience.

My house phone started ringing, my facebook chat notification went off six times, my cell phone vibrated, and my pump vibrated. We're drowned in a world of beeps, buzzes, clicks, and tones.

I mean right now, I'm sitting in the physics lab at my school. There's no one here, I just came down to the basement for some quiet, and Mr. Sidman's room was open. I've got Phoenix playing softly in the background, and the keys are clicking madly as I type. There's a soft lull of pipes coming through the ceiling, and every once in a while, the rubber of my shoe squeaks against the metal of the lab stool.

Sounds are precious, something that I have had trouble hearing in the last few years because of the diabetes. My sense of touch is completely gone in my finger tips, but more on that later. I've got to be careful about the world around me not getting too loud, because there's one sound that I always have to be able to hear (and I guess feel, if you want to really think about it)

My insulin pump. It's my best friend, my pancreas, and my life. I don't have the usual beeping noise that I had in elementary school, and the beginning of middle school. Mine vibrates, because I don't like when it interrupts classes and stuff like that.

I've got to make sure it's something that I can hear though. Because if I miss an alarm, that could be a problem. I've got the alarms set for a reason, and they're nice and helpful. Or, the one that I most commonly miss is the one that says you have a low battery. I'll miss it, and then like two days later, I'll be completely dead, and then we're in trouble.

So, the point? Listen to the fun stuff, close your eyes and observe with your ears. Listen to the heat from the pipes rushing through the building to your left, and the music trickling out of your computer from in front of you. But don't forget what's important. Make sure you hear the movement of your lifeline, or the shift of the cellphone in your pocket.

Who knows? It might be the phone call (or the low battery alarm) that could change your life.

Much love,

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