Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sometimes You're the Windshield, Sometimes You're the Bug

     I like to think that I have a fairly positive outlook on my life with diabetes. I don't complain a lot about it. I do things "normal people" do. I eat, sleep, run, do yoga, go to school, go to the movies. You know, normal stuff. I think the only thing I don't do is consume copious amounts of sugared energy drinks, which probably isn't a bad thing. Overall, my life isn't always terrible because of diabetes. Except for those days where diabetes just drives me crazy for no apparent reason. Those days I just want to sit in my room with a bucket of Ben & Jerry's and watch Arrested Development on Netflix all day. Then I realize that eating Ben & Jerry's by the bucket would probably equal to about 800 million grams of carbohydrate and that makes me even more upset. Because that sounds like a perfect way of coping right???

     I mean really, I try not to complain about having diabetes. I do all those cool things listed above to prove that I run diabetes, and it doesn't run me. But sometimes diabetes catches up to me and says "Hey lady you're still stuck with me!"and then alarm on my pump will start screaming at me that I'm out of insulin. Days like that drive me crazy. I guess when it really bothers me is when I actually sit there and start changing insulin cartridges and realize that I have to take 5-10 minutes out of my day every other day to do that, when I could be doing something else. Or when I clean out the waste basket in my room and realize that there are more test strips in the basket rather than a legitimate piece of garbage.

     What are you supposed to do on days like that? Diabetes is apparently a non-refundable thing, and re-gifting is out of the picture as well. The one thing that keeps me going is supportive friends and family. And the appropriate serving size of Ben & Jerry's. And insulin, that helps too. So that's my venting session for the night.  Hope everyone else is having a fabulous week. On the plus side, Fall is coming and that means I have a legitimate excuse to wear yoga pants and boots in public without feeling like I'm in my pajamas. (:


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  1. We all have days like that...days when we just have to snuggle into our cocoon and shut out the world for a while. It's OK to take those days...just don't let them take you! ;)